About GATA

We are the Global African for Trading & Agencies (GATA Co., SAE) an Egyptian corporation established on December 2017.

We created our company to be the pioneers of spreading the culture of using specialized professional manufacturers’ Representatives for the Egyptian manufacturer’s especially SMEs (small & medium enterprises).

GATA is a professional Manufacturers’ Representative agency, which specializes in the sale of Export specification products to international markets.

GATA values business ethics, experience, relationships, product knowledge and is dedicated to being fully educated in the products they represent as well as in competitor’s offerings.

The staff of GATA participates in all available trainings and educational opportunities’ offered by the factories we represent.

GATA is committed to excellence in customer service.

Our Mission

GATA provides leadership in providing superior sales and marketing support to manufacturers of products, while growing its revenues, maintaining its profitability and satisfying the professional needs of its employees.

As a multiple-line representative, we are able to contribute to the customer-supplier relationship Unlike direct salespeople who have responsibility to a single manufacturer, our multiple line focus expands the value of the linkage we provide between customer and manufacturer It broadens our perspective and enlarges our value added.

To our customers: we are partners in the process of bringing products and new ideas to market ,We bring solutions to problems and answers to questions, enhancing the distributor role in the supply chain.

To our manufacturers: we bring the ability to translate product features into customer benefits. Through our interaction with purchasers and specifies, we find important new applications and markets for our manufacturers products and present them with credibility.

Our Goals

To serve our customers…by providing them with innovative, responsive solutions to the business challenges confronting them.

To be a valuable asset…to our customers and manufacturers by offering them a creative complement of services that contribute toward desired results.

To contribute to our customers’ successes…by providing the highest quality products and customer service at the lowest “total actual cost.”

To establish long-term customer and manufacturer relationships…by demonstrating consistency, professionalism and integrity.

To know and serve our ultimate customers…the end users.

Our Commitments


GATA’s goal is to be recognized by our customers as the manufacturers’ representative who meets or exceeds their expectations on a consistent basis.  Our commitment to quality is twofold…

  • GATA only represents premier manufacturers this ensures our customers that when they purchase products from GATA they will be assured of top quality products.
  • Delivery of exceptional service quality is also central to GATA’s mission         We have instituted a quality program similar to many of our manufacturers.  In an effort to maintain consistent quality of service to customers, GATA has quality of service policies and action programs.

We hold monthly quality meetings  We have an error reduction program in which each error is tracked, mistake causes analyzed, and remedial action implemented to minimize recurrence of similar errors.

GATA recognizes the value of customer retention and the staff is motivated to go the extra steps necessary to exceed customer expectations.