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El Ghasham Street, Zagazig Sharqia Egypt .
Our goals
• To establish long-term customer and manufacturer relationships
by demonstrating consistency, professionalism and integrity.
• To serve our customers
by providing them with innovative, responsive solutions to the business challenges confronting them.
• To be a valuable asset to our customers and manufacturers
by offering them a creative complement of services that contribute toward desired results.
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kindly remember that , We always ready to provide you with any custom products you will not finds in our list .
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why you may choose us?
“…GATA devoted to the role of selling.  GATA is devoted to efficient, systematic order administration.

The demonstrated success in the sales of all the manufacturers we represent.

Professional relationships with specifiers and decision-makers are strong.  Because most of the staff has worked for more than 20 years in the industry field, they are familiar with all sides of wide range of Egyptian business.

GATA is a problem solver.  The experience of the staff and the values of the organization give GATA’ people the charter to look for answers to customer problems.  The GATA staff is also exceptionally sensitive to customer deadlines.

Order administration is a consistent process.  Every order, no matter how large or small, goes through the same process.  This ensures that there are no “loose ends”.

There is continuity in the staff (little staff turnover).  Suppliers and customers are able to reap the benefits of working with the same individuals, order after order.”

Mohamed Mahmoud

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